BG Bab 3 Teks 28-36


Text 28

O mighty-armed one, the one who knows that it is the gunas, which act with one another, knows the truth concerning the two spheres action and gunas. Such a person remains unattached.

Teks 28

Mereka yang jernih penglihatannya memahami bahwa, terdorong oleh sifat dasar mereka masing-masing, panca indera tertarik pada benda-benda duniawi. Dengan pemahaman seperti itu, ia tidak melibatkan dirinya lagi.


Text 29

But the ones who are influenced by the sense remain attached to sense remain attached to sense objects and all the material things in this world. The wise shouldn’t try to influence such ignorant souls.

Teks 29

Mereka yang tertipu oleh sifat dasar alam yang selalu berubah-ubah ini menyebabkan keterikatan pada dirinya sendiri. Hendaknya mereka yang bijak tidak membingungkan mereka yang belum dapat menerima hal ini.


Text 30

The solution for the fever of sense is to offer all of oneself to me in knowledge of the soul within, free from any kind of desire of grief or any kind of sense impelled emotion.

Text 30

Berkaryalah demi “Aku”, pusatkan pikiranmu pada “Aku”, Bebas dari harapan, ketamakan, dan kegelisahan, libatkan dirimu dalam perang ini.


Text 31

Anyone who practises this with full faith without envy will be freed from all karmic bindings.

Text 31

Mereka yang menjalani kehidupan demikian, akan terbebaskan dari segala macam keterikatan, betapa pun salahnya jalan hidup mereka sebelumnya.


Text 32

Those who don’t follow this doctrine out of jealousy are deluded and will not attain the best form of knowledge for their entire lives.

Teks 32

Mereka yang tidak hidup dengan cara demikian, tidak dapat melihat mana yang baik dan yang tidak baik bagi mereka, dan hidup mereka terlewatkan tanpa makna.


Text 33

All people wise and otherwise act according whatever is the nature they have acquired in this world. How will it be of any help to suppress one’s true nature.

Teks 33

Mereka yang bijak sesungguhnya mengikuti sifat alamiah mereka sendiri. Segala sesuatu dalam hal ini dikendalikan oleh alam sendiri. Sesungguhnya kita tidak dapat memaksakan sesuatu.


Text 34

It is the sense, which drives us to feel attached or detached towards sense objects. So it’s important not to come under the influence of sense, they are our enemies.

Teks 34

Ketertarikan dan kebencian panca indera terhadap benda-benda duniawi ini sangat alami. Oleh karena itu, jangan biarkan dirimu dikendalikan oleh panca inderamu.


Text 35

One should act according to one’s own nature. Even if this appears faulty, this is better than doing the duties of others. It’s better to die engaged in duties that are according to our nature because other’s duties only brings evil and danger.

Teks 35

menunaikan kewajibanmu sebatas kemampuanmu lebih baik daripada melaksanakan sesuatunyang bukan menjadi tugasmu. Lebih baik menemukan ajal, sambil melaksanakan tugas sendiri, karena melakukan sesuatu yang btidak menjadi kewajibanmu hanya akan menciptakan rasa takut.


Text 36

Arjuna asked : what is the influence then that makes ine act improperly forcing him againts his will, O descendant of Vrsni?

Teks 36

Arjuna bertanya: Mengapa manusia masih juga tetap tersesat dan berjalan pada jalur yang salah, walaupun ia sadar akan kesalahannya? Seolah-olah mereka diseret untuk melakukan yang tidak benar, wahai Krishna.


BG Bab 3 Teks 19-27


Text 19

Therefore do your duty without any attachment to the fruits your work , for only by acting without attachment can you realise God.

Teks 19

Oleh karena itu, bertindaklah sesuai dengan tugasmu, tanpa keterikatan. Demikian kau akan mencapai Kesadaran yang Tinggi ini.


Text 20

Janaka and other kings attained perfection by proper action alone. Thus, in consideration of the people in general, you should take to proper action.

Teks 20

Janaka dan raja-raja lain mencapai kesempurnaan dengan cara demikian. Dengan pertimbangan tersebut, kamu harus bertindak dengan cara demikian juga.


Text 21

Whatever a great man does, the world folows. Whatever standards he set, the world pursues.

Teks 21

Apapun yang dilakukan pemimpin, dunia mengikutinya. Apapun standar yang ditetapkannya, dunia mencontohnya.


Text 22

O Son of Partha, though there is no work that I need to complete in all the three worlds I still do my duties.

Teks 22

Wahai putra Partha, walaupun tidak ada sesuatu yang tidak pernah kulakukan, tidak ada pula yang masih harus kulakukan, namun aku tetap berkarya.


Text 23

For if I fail to engage myself in proper action with great care, o partha people would follow my foot steps and act like me.

Teks 23

Apabila aku berhenti berkarya, banyak sekali yang akan mencontoh aku.


Text 24

If I didn’t act properly, there will be innumerable problems in the world. The social equilibrium will be ruptured and I would be the cause for that. The world would soon perish and its population would perish with it.

Teks 24

Jika saya tidak bertindak semestinya, aku akan mengacaukan tatanan masyarakat. Aku akan membingungkan mereka dan menjadi sebab kemerosotan.


Text 25

O descendant of Bharata, just like the ignorance are attached to the results of their action, so the knowledgeable should be unattached to the results of their actions to uplift the world.

Teks 25

Wahai keturunan Bharata, mereka yang belum mencapai pencerahan, berkarya karena keterikatan. Sebaliknya, mereka yang telah mencapai pencerahan tetap juga berkarya, namun tanpa keterikatan apa pun. Mereka berkarya supaya dicontoh oleh masyarakat luas.


Text 26

The wise should be responsible for making the ignorant act in accordance with the duties prescribed. However the wise shouldn’t confuse or fighten the ignorant. Rather they should make them take delight in what they are doing.

Teks 26

Mereka yang bijak hendaknya tidak membingungkan mereka yang bodoh, dengan penggunaan kata-kata yang sulit dipahami. Hendaknya para bijak menjadi teladan dan inspirasi bagi mereka untuk diteladani.


Text 27

It is the gunas, which perform all the action. The one who sees the body in the false ego imagines. “I’m the doer”.

Teks 27

Terdorong oleh sifat dasar alam itu, setiap orang terlibat dalam pekerjaan. Namun ia yang penglihatannya kabur karena awan keangkuhan, merasa bahwa yang bekerja adalah dia.

A Pseudo Truth Caused by Shackle Conditioning’s Mind


A group of people have done a violence action towards another group which are gathering with peace purpose. The trigger is “fatwa”, instructions about a truth. Does this truth they believed is based on political opinion ending with power or based on honest and come out from conscience? A solution action by who has authority to solve this problem, even also catched in truth follows a certain frame. What is the truth actually? Do we far from the truth and catched in a pseudo truth shackle?

Medical science admits habits existence and special tendency in human self. Stimulus that is done repeatedly forms new nerve synaps in brain. A certain matter that is done repeatedly becomes a habit. Habit that is done repeatedly become a behaviour and even a character. After character has been formed, every problem that faced will be excecuted based on problem solving program from that character. A character is part of mind, an unconscious mind. A circuit of nerve synapses resulted from conditioning by parents, society, education, tradition, religion, and others have become to more permanent, stable and hard to change. In meditation language, this is called mind. Human is treated as a slave by shackle conditioning and is not free to express himself.

Meditation delivers us in spirit invention. Meditation practices will free human from conditioning that shackles the soul. Then, the remained are new synapses that are still unstable, appear and gone, called thoughts. Thoughts are always fresh. They are not stale like mind. With thoughts we can live in present.

For a greedy human, there is a culture that “it is still not enough”. The condition is equal to one who addicted by drug. Addicted to narcotics or to money, sex and others, the mechanism is the same: the dosage must increase. Property addict is exactly equal to narcotic drug addict. Violence addicted is also not far different.

Following the scientific, a truth that is taken by “fatwa” and is practised by force is come from conditioning mind. This behaviour is made and used by them who gets benefit. “Fatwa” is a conditioning mind for a person who believe it.

Following some expert, “fatwa” is basically a new Islam concept that comes later. At prophecy time, term “fatwa” technically never known. There is a famous Hadist, “istafti qalbak” (ask fatwa from your heart), this Hadist confirms a personal and individual “fatwa”, and is not projection of an institution.

After Islam Kingdom became greater, especially after enter the eight century, “Fatwa” began institutionalized and perfoming important roles. In islam history, often happened relation between religion and politics, between religious teacher and administrator. In ancient time, there is a normal agreement between religious teacher and administrator to streamline a “fatwa”.

Following some expert, un-brave society to take a decision and to wait for “fatwa” is a phenomenon of un-matured morality”. Asking about law to everything indicates that the society doesn’t dare to think themselves. They look at that law that is described in holy book, while human reasoning is not assumed as an obligatory law. Because people who is assumed as expert about religion text are religious teachers, so they always come to religious teachers to ask about every thing. If such happens , religious teachers quality is very important. How do religious teachers use the sound of inner hearts.

It is very important for human to develop high moral cognizance, deepen, and full responsibility. That can not happens unless society sharpen the inner hearts bloom robustly. Inner heart that will guide them. So that society can carry out famous Hadis, ” Istafti qalbaka” , Ask “Fatwa” in your inner self. Human is may not as a blind obedient.

Human must take a responsibility to all actions his done. Thinking, saying and acting have influenced the world, and it can not be returned the world like before the action. Truth that is believed must an inner truth, not conditioning truth. He is dwell at the heart inner who that believe in, not in mind. Conscience is where there is no shackle conditioning. Day of reckoning is certain, existence of action reaction is certain, and that certainty appears from instinct, intelegensia conscience, so that human introspect, restraining desire and the soul returns in a state of calm.



June 2008.