BG Bab 11 Teks 10-18


Text 10-14

Arjuna saw in the form were many faces and eyes , many wonderful visions, divine ornament and divine weapons. All decked with garlnds and garment decorated with the divine scents, abounding in many wonders; the form was resplendent, glorious and limitless.

If a thousand suns were to rise in the sky all at once, the briliance might resemble that of the Universal Being.

Then and there the son of Pandu saw the entire universe in one place within the body of the Supreme Being.

Then, filled with wonderment, his hairs standing on end, Arjuna bowed his head to the Lord, with his palms folded.

Teks 10-14

Begitu menakjubkan pengalaman ini! Pencerahan yang diperoleh dengan kesadaran ini melebihi cahaya ribuan matahari. Alam semesta terlihat dalam “Sang Aku”. Arjuna terharu dan sambil bersujud berucap:


Text 15

Arjuna said : O God , I see in your body the gods and all varieties of beings assembled-Brahma on a lotus seat and all the sages and divine serpents.

Teks 15

Aku melihat semuanya dengan begitu jelas: para dewa dan malaikat dan makhluk-makhluk halus lainnya.


Text 16-17

I see your limitless form, with innumerable arms bellies, mouth and eyes in every direction. O Lord of the Universe, I see no end and no middle and no beginning in this form.

Though you are impossible to view because of your briliance, I see your radiance glowing all around, crowned, armed with a club and a mace, with the effulgence of a blazing fire and the sun.

Teks 16-17

Aku melihat wujud yang tidak mengenal batas dan tidak dapat diukur.


Text 18-19

You are constant, the supreme object of knowledge, the ultimate dwelling place of all, the indestructible, known to me as the eternal person.

I see you without beginning, middle, or end with unlimited power, with innumerable arms, with the sun and moon as your eyes with a mouth like blazing fire, burning the universe with your radiance.

Teks 18-19

Yang kulihat ini membuatku heran. Aku baru memahami apa yang kau jelaskan selama ini.


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