BG Bab 11 Teks 20-31


Text 20-31

You persuade all space between heaven and earth in every direction. O noble one, the three worlds tremble when they see your awesome and formidable form.

The hosts of gods surrender unto you. Fear stricken, some praise you with folded palms, while factions of rishis praise you with meaningful hymns saying, “Peace throughout the universe”.

The Rudras, Adityas, Vasus, Sadhyas, Visvedevas, Asvins, Maruts, ancestor, Gandharvas, Yaksas, demons and Siddhas are all awestruck on seeing you.

O mightly- armed, having seen your great form, with many mouths, eyes, arms, thighs, feet and bellies and your many fearsome teeth, the world trembles as do I.

O Visnu, your blazingform, touching the sky multicoloured, mouth gaping, with enormous fearsome eyes, gives me neither courage nor peace and I tremble with fear.

Seeing your teeth that glow like the fire of eternal destruction, I have lost my bearing and find no comfort. Be merciful. O God o gods.

All the sons of Dhrtarastra along with the king and Bhisma, Drona and Karna and some of our warriors are rushing headlong into your fearful mouths with their many teeth. And some have their head crushed between you teeth.

Just like the gushing rivers enter the seas, these worldly warriors rush headlong into your flaming mouths.

They rush into your mouths like mouts fly into the blazing fire and are destroyed.

O Visnu you devour all creatureds with your fierce mouths enveloping the entire universe with your terrible and splendourous rays.

O Lord of lords, tell me who you are. I offer my obeisance unto you, be merciful. I want to understand you, but I can not understand your actions.

Teks 20-31

Wujud ini meliputi langit, bumi, dan jarak antara keduanya.

Wujud yang mengagumkan ini juga sangat menyeramkan.

Dalam wujud yang satu ini, kulihat segala sesuatu;

para dewa, malaikat, orang-orang suci, juga para satria yang siap bertempur. Aku kagum, tetapi juga bingung.

Sebenarnya wujud siapakah ini dan apa yang menjadi tujuannya?


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