Pure Places, Pure Body and Pure Soul with Cleansing

Wisdom to clean a house

My mother who has passed a way, always remind her children to sweep the house cleanly, “My son or my daughter please sweep and wipe so clean, so that your spouse doe not have a bearded face, laziness in cutting hair”. In that time our hero is President Soekarno who is always had a neat fashion. Then, she added that people who like neatness, cleanliness will be revealed in his or her  appearance and action. The Guru guidance stimulating me to find the meaning behind ancestor wisdom.

The Wise encourage us to learn about ourselves to understand the outsides. Self is a microcosmos and the universe is a macrocosmos. How clean we have a bath, we should still routinely having a bath, to clean our body regularly. Every day we enter a routine food and drink into ourselves and always come out a waste form of sweat, urine, feces and body odor. It is needed to clean them regularly with a routine discipline. After having a bath we feel an increased energy, but if sweaty clothes used after having a bath, we reject it, wear a clean clothes affect our energy.


All natural elements are energy

Natural elements in the universe is an energy with different density. The most density is the earth (solid) element and then it is reduced into water, fire, wind (air) and space. We call them five basic natural elements. The Einstein formula is E = M.C2 . E is the energy, M is mass and C factor of velocity. Everything is energy.

Our ancestors honor a clean place, as if the room place is a creature who is also happy when we respect it. Room is a space, is a very fine energy. All elements are energy and is Great Energy is Him. Our ancestor honor the place, with rooms cleaned regularly. Clothes and everything in this world is a mixture combination from five basic elements. Everything is energy. In spiritual it is called ‘Tauhid’, ‘Advaita’, ‘Single’. There is no others just Him. He covers everything. Our ancestors said ‘Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’  and we can translate to “Seems diversity but the actual is Him”.


Cleansing minds

Guru told that some people smells their clothes before wear them. Such action may be carried out from animal instincts that are still involved in themselves. Animals happy with the smell of his body, and the body odor makes them happy. Some of them less enjoy to be bathing by human. Some animals smell their food before consume it. Some people also smell wine before drinking. Action for self-enjoyment and less attention to others who may interfered with our odor is one of our ego.

Cleaning the house is a clean environment action. Rooms, house equipment, walls, doors held aura that comes from each individual in the house, as well as guests. The dirty aura should be removed through sweeping and cleaning.

The body needs routine cleaning, as well as our minds also. There is also a valuable and a lot of waste that need to be cleansing regularly. Catharsis in meditation, wasting mind disposal and emotional, should be performed routinely. Guru said to have a cleansing everyday and the Divine will infiltrate to the clean mind.

Thank you our ancestor and thank you Guru for guiding my every footstep.




March 2009.

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