Wisdom of ‘Terima Kasih’, a Genuine Indonesia’s Teachings

In the garden of Borobudur Temple, shelterring  under  a giant leavy tree, a teenager talked with his father, while he was waiting his mother bought something at nearby minishop. The teenager’s question is quite interesting, let’s hear their conversation.

The Teenager: Papa, it is said that Borobudur Temple was burried by Mt. Merapi explosion in 950 AD and found again by Sir Thomas Raffless in 1814 AD. It seems that the Borobudur Temple is like a lotus flower floating above water in a lake. Nowadays the lake has become a plain land. Why did our ancestor very obsess by a lotus flower?

The Father: A Lotus plant grows at a muddy dirty environment, but she makes a good devotion by showing her beautiful  flower. Even though her leaves are also always clean. When dirty dust come to the leaf surface, she receives it. But in the morning or after raining, dews or raindrops collect all dust and bring downward to the muddy water. Receives everything came, then processed and after that sends a good gift back. This is the teachings of Terima Kasih from our ancestor. Terima means receive and Kasih means love, compassion.

The Teenager: I was pay attention to deceased grandmother habit. When she received neighbour’s food or parcel as gift  to her, she always give back with another present. She said that a happines aroused from exchanging gift. Mama did the same, is a character of Terima Kasih inherited from our ancestor to us?  Papa said about ‘Tong-Len’ meditation, which is originally came from the era of Sriwijaya. Guru Sri Dharmakirti taught this ‘Tong-Len’ to Prince Atisha from India, and it is spread out to Tibet.

The Father: That’s right, my son. Guru unfolds the latent potential  good character in each individual of Indonesia citizen. Character of Terima Kasih is inherent in us. And this Teachings is not only a local wisdom, but it is a universal.

The Teenager: Papa has explained that macrocosmos can be understood by learning to the microcosmos. Could Papa explain the universal ‘Tong-Len’ by  our body system?

The Father: I will try my son! Do you remember how a heart organ works on our body? A heart is the center of circulatory system, all billion of cells in the human body are deal with heart through the circulatory system. The heart pumping the clean blood and sucking the dirty blood of whole body. The tender love heart vibration will flow to the whole body through the circulatory system. At the time of relaxation, blood enters the heart room  and it is called ‘diastol’. And when the heart contracts it pumps blood out of the room and it is called ‘sistol’.

The Teenager: Does Papa still remember biology lesson given in highschool  at thirty years ago? Or Papa often open the Wikipedia? Blood which contain a lot of carbon dioxide, or ‘dirty blood’ from the whole body flows through two large vena, into the right apron. After the right apron filled with dirty blood, heart will push the blood into the right chamber. Dirty blood from the right chamber will be pumped through the valve in the arterial pulmonary to the lungs. Blood will flow through a capillary tube that encircle the air bag in the lungs, absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Then, blood riched with oxygen, or ‘clean blood’ flows in the vena pulmonalis to the left apron. Blood in the apron will be driven to the left chamber, which be pumped through this valve into the ‘aorta’ and is distributed to the whole body.

The father: Great! Heart receives all the dirty from the whole body, then proceed with the energy of life of oxygen, and distributes it on to the whole body. Is not this the principe of’Tong-Len’, is it? The principe is to receive all the badness, process in the heart and radiate the goodness?

The Teenager: Since the baby in the womb, the heart has worked. It works for whole life, and she only  has a rest between the two beats and heart beats about 10,000 per day. This is a very discipline and hard worker organ. We must understand and practise this nature verses.

The Father: The right heart send low pressure blood to the lung, while the left heart pump high pressure blood to the whole body. Same as brain, the ‘right’ produce tenderness and the ‘left ‘produce firmness. We must learn that  a relaxation makes tender and full of energy, but after that she must works hard to service the whole body as devotion.

The Teenager: The amount of blood pumped it is  adjusted to the needs of the body. Heart beat of 70 times per minuteis  in normal circumstances. But, at the time of exercise and the muscles need more oxygen, the heart beat up to 180 times per minute. When the heart beat does not adapt to the needs of the body, the balance will be disturbed and the body injuries. The heart works in harmony for our health.

The Father: It is said that the center of mind is in the brain in the cranium, the center of energy is  located near the navel in the stomach cavity, while the center of conscience is located in the inner heart. The principle of ‘Tong-Len’ is take the badness from outside, proceed in the hearts and give back the goodness. I remember book of “ATISHA” written by Guru Anand Krishna, Gramedia Pustaka Utama, 2003. It is suggested in the book: “Practice sending and taking together. Do this by regulating the breath’. “Begin this ‘Tong-Len’, sending and taking with yourself!”

The Teenager: I am also remember this book: “When evil fills the world, transform all bad conditions into the path of bodhi!” “Drive all blames into one! Be grateful to everyone!” Thank You Papa, Thank You Guru.



March 2009.


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