Indonesian Youth Celebrates UN World Interfaith Harmony Week

Indonesian Youth Striving for Global Peace Harmony



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Jakarta – Under the auspices of UNDPI-Affiliate Anand Ashram Foundation Indonesia, youth from different sections and elements of society got together on the 1st of February to begin a week long celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week, initiated by the Jordan Prince Ghazi and unanimously adopted by all UN member states.

“Our theme this year,” explained Dr Wayan Sayoga, the foundation chairman, “is ‘Indonesian Youth Striving for Global Harmony’. This is well received by our NGO Colleagues, among others Indonesian Women’s Association for Global Peace (IWAG-P), Islamic Movement for Non-Violence (IMN), Centre for Vedic & Dharmic Studies, National Integration Movement (NIM), One Earth Integral Education Foundation, and One Earth School (OES).”

Joehanes Budiman representing the National Integration Movement (NIM) pointed out, “For centuries we have lived on the archipelago in complete peace and harmony. We are determined to keep it that way.”

Maya Safira Muchtar, Inspirer of IWAG-Peace added, “With their dynamism, youth are the natural agents of change. With their participation in events like this, we are sure that there will be no more religious conflicts and violations of human rights in Indonesia and elsewhere on the planet.”

Ni Luh Sukmawati representing the Center for Vedic and Dharmic Studies, and Muslihah Razak of Indonesian Movement for Non-Violence (IMN) both referred to the findings of prestigious Setara Institute, “There have been 371 violations of religious freedom during 2012. The figures are disheartening, but the participation of youth in events like this brings us some hope.”

“The celebrations this year,” said Dr Sayoga, “actually began on September 21st last year, when Anand Ashram unveiled the Global Harmony Monument in Ubud Bali, attended by government officials and representatives of several religions, like Dr Musdah Mulia, Father Franz Magnis, Ida Pedanda Sebali, the Gianyar Regent, the Prince of Ubud, and many others. ( “The monument is now an Ubud Landmark, visited daily by many. We are committed to promoting World or Global Interfaith Harmony, this is also Anand Ashram’s mission, from Inner Peace to Global Harmony by promoting Communal Love. This is the only way to realize our vision of One Earth One Sky and One Humankind. This year, we are celebrating the event in several major cities like Jakarta, Ciawi, Yogyakarta, and on the isle of Bali.”

Chairman of Indonesian Tourist Guide Association Sang Putu Subaya; Head of Gianyar Department of Tourism Ari Brahmanta; Founder of Gandhi Puri Ashram Indra Udayana; and Acharya Premananda of the State Hindu University; attending the event in Ubud, Bali, appreciated Anand Ashram’s initiative and fully supported the cause.

“The Yogyakarta Chapter of Anand Ashram,” said Dr Suriastini in a meet with the press, “is extending the World Interfaith Harmony Event to another dimension, that is the empowerment of youth and women. Also in conjunction with the 1 Billion Rising Appeal for Women Empowerment on Feb 14th, we have organized empowerment workshops in the Wirogunan Prison and elsewhere.”

In Ciawi West Java, the One Earth Retreat Center where the event was held, Zeembry the Anand Ashram Jakarta’s coordinator explained, “We have organized a movie show on the theme of interfaith harmony, and several other activities during the week.”

“We would also celebrate the event in Monas and Marunda – Jakarta Sunday Morning (Feb 3)” he added.

Dr Wayan Sayoga mentioned, “Something like 700 people getting together to celebrate Interfaith Harmony on the 1st day, and several hundreds more to join in the ensuing days until the end of the week, this is very promising!”

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Unveiling of The Global Harmony Monument in Ubud Bali

By I Made Mangku Pastika (Governor of Bali), Michele Zaccheo (United Nations Director Information Center-Jakarta) and Representatives of Several Faiths under the Auspices of Anand Ashram Foundation (Affiliated with UNDPI) on the World Peace Day, September 21st, 2012

(by Ir.Triwidodo Djokorahardjo, M.Eng, formerly Secretary of Provincial Water Resorces Service of Central Java, now Director of One Earth College of Higher Learning)


World peace can never be achieved because of the difference and the unrealized equality level of welfare for all parties. Each party/group only fights for his or her own party/group without regarding other groups so that conflicts always happen. What we can achieve is not a peaceful life with similar circumstances but we can achieve a global harmony: we can live harmoniously with each other event though there are differences. The harmony begins when each person /party accepts his or her part and accepts the different ideas of other people. The roadmap starts with Inner Peace, the peace within ourselves, then Communal Love, we connect with people/other parties with understanding and love, and finally we reach Global Harmony. Anand Krishna stated that statement on Unveiling of the Global Harmony Monument and Ashram Ubud held in conjunction with the Celebration of International Peace One Day which took place on 21 September 2012 at Anand Ashram Ubud.


Since 1991, Anand Krishna In the last 19 years, Anand has spoken to millions through television shows, radio talks, in-house trainings, books, newspaper interviews and articles, as well as daily meetings and workshops held at Anand Ashram, One Earth Retreat Center, Anand Krishna Center and Graha Indonesia, the four centers of meditation established by him in the Indonesian Capital of Jakarta, the suburban city of Bogor, the palatial ancient city of Yogyakarta, and the beautiful island of Bali. Ashram Ubud is the fifth center that is dedicated to Mother Divine. Anand Krishna is founder of Anand Ashram Foundation (affiliated with UNDPI). Baca lebih lanjut

Meditating on the Media

By Anand Krishna on The Bali Times


March 26, 2010

The media is the most powerful entity on earth,” said the American black militant leader Malcolm X, popular in the 1960s. For, in his own words, “They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

How does the media do this? How does it control the minds of the masses? By repeating one thing over and over. In the words of my very dear friend the late Dr Setiawan, a neurosurgeon par excellence, “The mind can be manipulated and controlled by intensive repetition.”

The word “mind” here is used for the “common mind.” A common mind is a dull mind. When it is bombarded with a certain idea – whether constructive or destructive – it begins to believe in it. A dull mind cannot differentiate between the two.

Now, a dull mind is not necessarily an illiterate mind. A highly intellectual mind can also be dull, and therefore destructive. On the other hand, an illiterate mind can be sharp, and therefore constructive. Baca lebih lanjut

Science Meets the Arts

March 19, 2010

By Anand Krishna

Hardly? Impossible?

Not in Bali.

Here, science and the arts are not poles apart. Here, science and the arts are not opposed to each other. On this beautiful isle of gods, the two not only meet, but also complement each other.

This is the inner significance of Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge and Music. The Balinese are quite naturally drawn to this particular form of the Divine for She represents the totality of human experience. She is the very personification of power and beauty.

Every 210th day, the people of Bali celebrate Her presence in their lives and homes. Hari Raya Saraswati, or Saraswati Festival reminds them of the divine qualities She stands for.

She is depicted as a beautiful lady with four arms.

Each of Her arms represents one of the four purusharthas, the four pillars of the structure of human life. These, as we have discussed before, are Dharma, Righteousness; Artha, Prosperity; Kama, Willpower; and Moksha, the Ultimate Freedom (please see my earlier articles, at

Two of her arms hold a veena, a stringed musical instrument representing the arts, music, all that is beautiful and fine. When She plays on the veena, the primeval sound Aum resonates and universes come into being. Baca lebih lanjut


Anand Krishna

I am sorry.


I apologize for my inability to be a good host to foreigners living in my country. I am sorry that I could still find time to say my prayers before rushing to the scene or to the hospital where the wounded were being treated. I realize now, that I was being insensitive to the cries and tears of the bereaved family members of the deceased and the injured victims in the hospital.


I apologize for finding it more important to take pictures, rather than helping Holcim Indonesia President Timothy David Mackay. Indirectly, or indirectly, I stand responsible for his death. I am sorry for sharing those pictures on television amidst giggles.


I am sorry for allowing our children to be brainwashed and trained as suicide bombers. I apologize for not being vigilant enough toward people spreading hatred in the name of religion and education.


I also apologize for my unwise remarks, finding scapegoats for the incident, rather blaming my own incapability in securing my neighborhood. I now realize that this incident was very carefully planned, and perhaps for months. I can see a clear pattern connecting this with the hotel siege in Mumbai some time back.


I am sorry, so very sorry.


Anand Krishna (Indoensia)


The writer is a spiritual activist, author of more than 120 books.


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From Heart to Heart 300309

Anand Krishna, 290309


Years back, when i first heard Meera singing “O Krishna, Kanhaiya, Giridhar Gopal, i enslave myself to Thee -my mind revolted. My heart was not sure of its own feelings. And, i could not hear the cries of my own soul.

It took me quite some time to understand Meera…. I was 13 when i revolted against Meera, and for next 4 years, i starved my soul to an almost certain death….

Dhan Guru, thanks to my Master, in my 17th year, He took me by His arms and led me back to where Meera was still singing. And, i broke down in tears…. I had deprived my soul of all that was beautiful, for four years…. Those four years of my life are now gone, gone forever. I cannot reverse the clock…. alas, i lost so much during those four years. Baca lebih lanjut

Wisdom of ‘Terima Kasih’, a Genuine Indonesia’s Teachings

In the garden of Borobudur Temple, shelterring  under  a giant leavy tree, a teenager talked with his father, while he was waiting his mother bought something at nearby minishop. The teenager’s question is quite interesting, let’s hear their conversation.

The Teenager: Papa, it is said that Borobudur Temple was burried by Mt. Merapi explosion in 950 AD and found again by Sir Thomas Raffless in 1814 AD. It seems that the Borobudur Temple is like a lotus flower floating above water in a lake. Nowadays the lake has become a plain land. Why did our ancestor very obsess by a lotus flower?

The Father: A Lotus plant grows at a muddy dirty environment, but she makes a good devotion by showing her beautiful  flower. Even though her leaves are also always clean. When dirty dust come to the leaf surface, she receives it. But in the morning or after raining, dews or raindrops collect all dust and bring downward to the muddy water. Receives everything came, then processed and after that sends a good gift back. This is the teachings of Terima Kasih from our ancestor. Terima means receive and Kasih means love, compassion.

The Teenager: I was pay attention to deceased grandmother habit. When she received neighbour’s food or parcel as gift  to her, she always give back with another present. She said that a happines aroused from exchanging gift. Mama did the same, is a character of Terima Kasih inherited from our ancestor to us?  Papa said about ‘Tong-Len’ meditation, which is originally came from the era of Sriwijaya. Guru Sri Dharmakirti taught this ‘Tong-Len’ to Prince Atisha from India, and it is spread out to Tibet. Baca lebih lanjut